Intermediate Robotics With Arduino

Intermediate Robotics With Arduino

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Intermediate Robotics with Arduino is specially designed program with focus on designing Advanced Circuits and Arduino Programming. It is designed for kids aged between 11 and 14. Child will learn the concept of Electronic Circuit designing with Micro-controller, Work on various Sensors and make the program to control the components with code. The Kit can be used to make whole host of DIY projects.
In this module you will create:-
Arduino Based LCD Calculator
Obstacle Avoiding Car using BO Motors
Height/Distance Calculator
Multiple Project Options with LCD Screen
 The Arduino Board is composed of two main elements: the hardware which is the brain of the board and the software that you will use to send your program to the Microcontroller.
The child will be able to understand the concept of use of Electronic Components, how to programme them in Arduino Integrated development environment and get the desired output required. This will help in improving their
• Cognitive Skills
• Creative Skills
• Motor Skills
• Imaginative skill
In spite of improving skills, they are getting platform to do, what they are imagining and thinking in their mind.

Hardware Kit will cost Rs. 2500/- extra

Number of Classes: 12

Age Group: 11-14 yrs

Components Covered

Projects Covered

*Optional Kit

Robo Hub Kit for Intermediate Robotics* @ Rs. 2500/-

*Components from Basic Robotics Kit are not included.

*Price may wary depending upon current availability and model.

*Students have choice to source their own components.

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