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12V Gear Motor, 200RPM Gear Motor

12V Gear Motor, 200RPM Gear Motor

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A 12V center shaft gear motor is a type of electric motor designed to operate on a 12-volt direct current (DC) power supply.


  • Voltage: Operates on 12V DC power supply & 200RPM.

  • Gear Configuration: Features center shaft with gears for torque multiplication and speed control.

  • Applications: Suitable for robotics, automation, and DIY projects.

  • Power: Variable power rating, often measured in watts.

  • Torque: Capable of producing rotational force for different applications.

  • Direction Control: Reversible rotation for both clockwise and counterclockwise motion.

  • Size: Available in different sizes, compact for versatility.

  • Mounting: Versatile mounting options for easy integration.

  • Construction: Durable build for reliability and longevity.

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