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RS-555 DC Motor

RS-555 DC Motor

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Motor RS-555 offers a high starting torque, which makes it perfect for use in applications that are designed to move heavier loads, such as wiper systems and industrial automation applications. The consistent drive power that DC motors deliver means they’re ideal for maintaining a constant torque whilst an application is in use, making them an excellent choice for a geared motor solution.

  • Voltage Range: Typically operates between 6V and 24V DC, commonly at 12V.

  • Power Rating: Ranges from 20W to 100W, depending on the model.

  • Current: Can draw varying currents, often in the range of a few to tens of amps.

  • Speed: No-load speeds range from a few hundred to a few thousand RPM.

  • Torque: Provides moderate to high torque, suitable for applications requiring strong rotational force.

  • Size: Medium to large-sized motor for industrial and DIY applications.

  • Construction: Robust build with durable materials for various environments.

  • Cooling: Some models may have built-in cooling mechanisms for heat dissipation.

  • Mounting Options: Various mounting options for flexible integration into different systems.

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