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RS-775 High Speed DC Motor

RS-775 High Speed DC Motor

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775 DC Motor: Power and Precision in Motion.


    • Voltage Range: Typically operates between 6V and 24V, commonly used at 12V.

    • Power Rating: Ranges from 50W to 200W, depending on the model.

    • Current: Can draw varying currents, often in the range of a few to tens of amps.

    • Speed: No-load speeds range from a few hundred to a few thousand RPM.

    • Torque: Known for providing high torque, suitable for applications requiring strong rotational force.

    • Size: Medium-sized motor, offering versatility in applications.

    • Construction: Robust build with durable materials for various environments.

    • Cooling: Often equipped with cooling mechanisms to dissipate heat during operation.

    • Mounting: Various mounting options for flexible integration into different systems.


  1. Robotics
  2. DIY Projects
  3. Electric Tools
  4. Automation
  5. Educational & Hobbyist Projects.

Upgrade your projects with the power and precision of the 775 DC Motor. Order now for reliable and efficient motion!

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