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Submersible Mini Water Pump, 3V-6V DC

Submersible Mini Water Pump, 3V-6V DC

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Upgrade your water-based projects with the efficient and compact Submersible Mini Water Pump, offering versatility for various applications.

  • Submersible Mini Water Pump:

    • Designed for submersion in liquids.
    • Ideal for various water-based projects.
  • Voltage Range:

    • Operates within the range of 3V to 6V DC.
  • Compact and Portable:

    • Miniature size for easy integration into confined spaces.
  • Low Power Consumption:

    • Efficient and suitable for battery-powered setups.
  • Versatile Applications:

    • Perfect for DIY projects, aquariums, fountains, and more.
  • Durable Design:

    • Built to withstand submersion and continuous use.
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